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The Adjutant General (TAG) Sends

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Below are a few important topics that I would like to make you aware that will impact the field within
the next few months:

1.  Human Resources Optimization Update:  HRO continues to be a major focus for HRC.  Key leaders across the HR Community recently met for the Sustainment Quicklook II exercise to continue our detailed examination of how Sustainment elements (HR, HSS, and FM) array formations, synchronize efforts, integrate, deliver, and provide services at echelon during large scale ground combat operations.  The objectives of this exercise are to:  identify the most effective command and support relationships in order to optimize Sustainment capabilities and capacities at echelon; identify capability and capacity limitations and service delivery gaps requiring mitigation; identify how mission support requirements are synchronized, prioritized, and integrated as part of the Sustainment Warfighting Function; and identify dependencies, consumption rates, and logistics support needed to execute mission responsibilities.  This exercise will substantially inform revision of FM 4-0.  We will continue to provide HRO updates to the HR Community in future editions of TAG Sends, during upcoming TAG / G1 VTCs (next is 12 February 2019), and during HRC CG Brown Bag VTCs.

2.  Human Resources Process on Compliance:  The Fiscal Year 2018 Notice of Findings (NFRs) highlight the reliance on the current Human Resources process on compliance at a decentralized level with the applicable policies and regulations.  Having previously recognized this, the Army, led by the G-1 and The Adjutant General (TAG), has been developing the Integrated Personnel and Pay System – Army (IPPS-A) to produce a process that is efficient, effective and auditable.  The end-state is fielding of IPPS-A Release 3 across the Army.  For example, address challenges to create greater efficiencies related to payroll.  Future Environment allows IPPS-A to calculate and tracks upward and downward adjustments accurately and passes complete and accurate data to GFEBS for appropriate posting to the general ledge.  Until the IPPS-A is fielded, the Army G-1 will work with TAG to reiterate the necessity to comply with the applicable policies and regulations to improve the audit status.  This will be done through the Quarterly TAG / G-1 Video Teleconferences with all the Army Commands and through the TAG Sends, which goes to the entire Human Resource community.

3.  Awards and Decorations Branch Update (See Attachment):
– Award Recommendation Routing Official Responsibilities (Joint Awards)
– Retroactive Requests for Combat Action Badges:  Providing Sufficient Supporting Documentation is THE Key to Success
– Spotlight Award:  The Purple Heart

4.  TAG G-1 VTC Schedule.  Our next TAG G-1 VTC will be 12 February 2019 at 1400-1500 (EST).

As always and as we move forward, please let us know what we can do to better assist you.  Thank you for all that you do!

BG Robert W. Bennett, Jr.
The Adjutant General of the Army/
CG, Physical Disability Agency/
Executive Director, MPSA

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