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The Success of the AGCRA Scholarship Program

Since its inception in 2011, the AGCRA Scholarship Program has awarded $80,000 to 54 deserving students in pursuit of higher education.  Twenty six students have earned a 2nd year of funding by either reapplying or by maintaining a 3.0 grade point average (GPA) while on scholarship.

This year, the AGCRA National Executive Council (NEC) awarded $16,000 in scholarships; 8 new scholarship recipients and 8 automatic renewals from 2018.  This year also marks the largest number of applicants with 23 students applying for an Association scholarship.

While competitive, the chance of earning an AGCRA scholarship still remains high, with almost 35% of this year’s applicants earning a scholarship.  The annual due date for scholarship applications is now 1 June 2020 for next year’s AGCRA Scholarship Program.  With the introduction of a web-based voting system, the scholarship board is able to vote scholarship application packet in a more efficient manner allowing for an extended submission timeline.

Bottom line, if you are an AGCRA member and you or your authorized dependent is pursuing higher education, you need to apply for an AGCRA scholarship.

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