Adjutant General's Corps Regimental Association

Tidewater Chapter Membership Breakfast

On 30 January 2020, the AGCRA Tidewater Chapter held its 1st Membership Breakfast in over 20 years.  The guest speaker was Mr. David Brinkley (SES), Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1/4, TRADOC.  We also had special attendance from SGM Nevels, HQDA G-1 Soldier for Life SGM, and SGM Joiner, MWD SGM.

In the featured picture of this web article, from left to right:
MSG Bradshaw, Chapter VP Membership (back)
SGM Nevels, HQDA G-1 Soldier for Life
1LT Ashley Hulse, Chapter VP IT & Strategic Communications
CSM MacDonald, 733rd Mission Support Group CSM
1SG Clifford Hill, Chapter President (back)
COL (Ret) Angie Joseph, Chapter Senior Advisor
Mr. David Brinkley (SES), TRADOC G-1/4
Mrs. Khadijah Sellers, Chapter VP
MSG Ferguson, TRADOC G-1/4
Cw4 Smith, Army Training Support Center (back)
SGM Anderson, TRADOC Band
Mr. Nate House, Chapter VP Awards

1SG Clifford Hill, the AGCRA Tidewater Chapter President (right), presents 1LT Ashley Hulse, the Chapter VP IT & Strategic Communications, with the AGCRA Theodore Roosevelt Award.

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