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Update, 14 October 2020


a. Restates and adds testing guidance.

b. (3.D.29.) [CHANGE TO READ] For official travel from the US and its territories to another country, the Army will Implement more restrictive COVID-19 risk mitigation measures than the Department of Defense has outlined in previous guidance, including Force Health Protection Supplement 12, released on 6 Aug 20 (Annex ii). The Army will implement a pre-travel COVID-19 test as an additional risk mitigation measure. Soldiers, family members, DA Civilians, and contractors departing on official travel from the US to another country will conduct a pre-travel 14-day ROM, unless the GCC or host nation requires a 14-day ROM at the destination location. Only one ROM is required, either before travel or after arrival. See Annex PP for a list of country ROM and test requirements.

c. (3.D.29.A.) [RESTATED] Effective for travel commencing after 300001R Aug 20 Soldiers, DA civilians, and family members under the jurisdiction of the SECARMY conducting official travel from the US and its territories to another country will have a negative COVID-19 test result (or medical clearance IAW 3.D.29.A.2) before departing home station or a CONUS replacement center. The negative test result or medical clearance must be received as close as possible to departure from home station or CONUS replacement center.

d. (3.D.29.A.4.A.) [ADD] Army personnel, family members and DA Civilians on PCS or TCS orders to another country that have tested positive for COVID-19 will isolate at their residence or other appropriate domicile until medically cleared to discontinue isolation. Personnel will not travel for at least 14 days after receiving a positive test result. At the 14 day mark from a positive test, these patients should be medically cleared by their local medical treatment facility for onward movement. A second COVID test is not required for movement after the 14-day wait period is complete. This policy replicates the Korean CDC’s policy that established a 14 day medical clearance timeline for Korean and international patients arriving COVID-19 positive in Korea.

2. 2020 PRE-CRITICAL TASK SITE SELECTION SURVEY REMINDER FOR AG LTS, CPTS, AND THEIR FIRST LINE SUPERVISORS. This is a reminder that the AG School is conducting the Pre-Critical Task Site Selection Survey for AG LTs, CPTs, and their first line supervisors which is open for the period 2 – 23 October 2020. This survey is the field’s voice to the schoolhouse on what tasks are critical to performance for lieutenants and captains within CMF 42. Simply go to the following link and read the instructions. Your input is important, please take the 10-15 minutes to complete at


a. IPPS-A JOB AID: CRM PROVIDER GROUP MAINTENANCE. This Job Aid details the actions that Provider Group Managers must take in preparation for the upcoming HR / IT CRM case routing changes. In order to optimize case routing and to support system upgrades that will help users identify PGs in their hierarchy, States will need to follow this guide and adhere to the standards described.

b. UPCOMING IPPS-A LIVE TRAINING. See attached for a summary of upcoming IPPS-A live training with meeting links. This summary details training currently scheduled for November 2020.

4. (USAR) EXCEPTION TO U.S. ARMY RESERVE POLICY ON EXTENSION OF COLONEL AND LIEUTENANT COLONEL COMMAND TENURE FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2021, 8 OCT 20. Memo from the Chief, Army Reserve: Attached at the following link is the CAR’s approved exception to policy which allows MSC Commanders to approve tenure extensions for Brigade and Battalion commanders whose change of commands are delayed to due COVID-19 or due to delays resulting from the rescheduling of the CY21 Command Selection Boards from Jun/Jul 20 to Oct.


a. 210TH FIELD ARTILLERY BRIGADE IS LOOKING FOR THE BEST IN THE 21-02 MANNING CYCLE. The 210th Field Artillery Brigade, Camp Casey, Republic of Korea, is looking for motivated and driven Officers to lead Soldiers in the only permanently forward deployed Field Artillery Brigade in the Army. We are a team built to FIGHT TONIGHT in our real world mission in support of the ROK-US Army alliance. If you are moving in the 21-02 AIM cycle and would like to grow your experience and share your knowledge, join the team that is CONTROLLING THE BEST!

b. FORT BRAGG’S 4TH QTR FY20 SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM TOP ACHIEVERS. On behalf of Fort Bragg Directorate of Human Resources, MPD Reassignment Branch, FORSCOM G-1 HRTAB would like to congratulate the 4th Quarter Winners, 3rd BCT/ 82nd Airborne Division, 3rd ESC, 16th MP BDE and the 85th CA BDE as the Fort Bragg installation Sponsorship Top Achievers. Thank you and great job to the unit’s leadership, the G-1/S-1s and Fort Bragg MPD for taking care of the Soldiers and their families.

c. USARPAC, FORT SHAFTER, HAWAII 21-02 VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT. United States Army Pacific (USARPAC) postures and prepares Army forces, sustains and protects those forces in the theater, sets the theater, supports the development of an integrated multi-domain Joint force, and builds military relationships that strengthen alliances and develop partner defense capacity in order to promote a free and open Indo-Pacific. Those Officers and Warrants interested in joining the USARPAC Ohana, please contact the individuals listed on the attached document (at following link) to coordinate for interviews for specific staff sections.

6. Recently published Army Directives (AD) and All Army Activity (ALARACT) messages. New ALARACTs and ADs are also posted on APD at the following link.

a. ALARACT 087/2020, RELEASE OF THE ARMY SAFETY MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM (ASMIS 2.0) MISHAP AND NEAR-MISS REPORTING TOOL (FOUO), DTG: R 131150Z OCT 20. This message provides guidance on the release and use of the Mishap and Near Miss reporting module of ASMIS 2.0. The Mishap and Near Miss reporting module is a drop down tab based web application that will guide the user through the reporting process and ensure mandatory data requirements are standardized and recorded for quality assurance purposes.

b. ALARACT 088/2020, OTSG WAIVERS/SPECIAL ACTIONS (FOUO), DTG: R 131240Z OCT 20. The purpose of this message is to ensure appropriate processing of waivers submitted to Office of the Surgeon General (OTSG) Consultant-Reviews mailbox between 5 Nov 19 through 10 Jan 20.

c. ALARACT 089/2020, (2020-2021) INFLUENZA VACCINE SHIPMENT DELAY (FOUO), DTG: R 131410Z OCT 20. This ALARACT provides supplemental information impacting ALARACT 078-2020 (2020-2021) Influenza Prevention Program – Surveillance and Vaccination and the availability of influenza vaccines at medical treatment facilities (MTFs).

7. Recently published Military Personnel (MILPER) messages and Military Pay E-Messages. All MILPER messages are available on the HRC MILPER web page at All Military Pay E-Messages are available on milBook at

a. MILPER MESSAGE 20-334, FISCAL YEAR (FY) 21 LIEUTENANT COLONEL (LTC) OPERATION AND FORCE SUSTAINMENT, SECURITY FORCE ASSISTANCE BRIGADE (SFAB) CENTRALIZED SELECTION LIST (CSL) – PRE-POSITION AND RELEASE, ISSUED: [10/9/2020 9:11:01 AM]. The Chief of Staff of the Army (CSA) approved the results for the FY21 LTC SFAB CSL – Command board. The approved results will be prepositioned on 13 October 2020. FY21 LTC SFAB CSL principal and alternate selection lists will be publicly released at 0730 (EDT) on 15 October 2020 via the Command Management Division Human Resources Command webpage.

b. MILPER MESSAGE 20-335, CALENDAR YEAR 2020 (CY20) GENERAL DOUGLAS MACARTHUR LEADERSHIP AWARD PROGRAM, ISSUED: [10/13/2020 9:25:28 AM]. This message announces the General Douglas MacArthur Leadership Award Program for CY20. The General Douglas MacArthur Leadership Award recognizes company grade officers who demonstrate the ideals for which General MacArthur stood, Duty, Honor, and Country, and promotes and sustains effective junior officer leadership in the Army.

c. MILPER MESSAGE 20-336, PREPOSITION/OFFICIAL RELEASE OF THE FY20 ACTIVE COMPONENT (AC) ARMY MEDICAL DEPARTMENT (AMEDD) SENIOR SERVICE COLLEGE (SSC) SELECTION BOARD RESULTS, ISSUED: [10/13/2020 9:27:54 AM]. This message announces the release of subject selection board results. Officers selected will be slated to attend SSC during Academic Year (AY) 2021-2022. The official release date of the board results is 16 October 2020. The prepositioning date will be 14 October 2020 for all preposition recipients.

d. MILPER MESSAGE 20-337, 1ST QUARTER FY 21 UNITED STATES ARMY RESERVE (USAR) ACQUISITION WORKFORCE (FA51) ACCESSION BOARD RELEASE, ISSUED: [10/13/2020 12:18:22 PM]. This message provides procedural guidance for United States Army Reserve (USAR) Officers Troop Program Unit/Individual Mobilization Augmentee/Individual Ready Reserve (TPU/IMA/IRR) to apply for accession into the Army Acquisition (FA51) workforce. This does not apply to AGR officers.

e. MILPER MESSAGE 20-338, OFFICIAL RELEASE OF THE FISCAL YEAR (FY) 20, ACTIVE COMPONENT (AC) ARMY MEDICAL DEPARTMENT (AMEDD) INTERMEDIATE LEVEL EDUCATION (ILE) SELECTION BOARD RESULTS FOR ACADEMIC YEAR (AY) 2021-2022, ISSUED: [10/13/2020 1:56:51 PM]. This message announces the official release of the Fiscal Year (FY) 20 Active Component (AC) Army Medical Department (AMEDD) Intermediate Level Education (ILE) Selection Board Results for attendance in Academic Year (AY) 2021-2022. The official release date is 16 October 2020. These results will not be prepositioned.

f. MILPER MESSAGE 20-339, FY21 REGULAR ARMY (RA)/UNITED STATES ARMY RESERVE (USAR) ACTIVE GUARD RESERVE (AGR) STAFF SERGEANT (SSG) EVALUATION BOARD ANNOUNCEMENT MESSAGE, ISSUED: [10/13/2020 3:10:29 PM]. Subject board is scheduled to convene on or about 2 Feb 21, to evaluate Regular Army (RA) and United States Army Reserve, Active Guard Reserve (USAR AGR) SSG records. This board will evaluate the performance and potential of all eligible SSGs for the purpose of creating an OML to inform a myriad of human resource decisions. Eligibility criteria will be set and firmly established as of 12 Jan 21, 0001 EST for this board. Changes made after this DTG will not impact eligibility. All commanders, S-1s, and affected NCOs must take appropriate action to ensure data accuracy prior to this established DTG.

8. FORSCOM WIAS POSITIONS (UPDATED A/O 13 OCTOBER 2020). FORSCOM is recruiting for 1x critical position (Compo 1, 2, and 3; AGR, IMA, IRR, and Active Duty Soldiers authorized to source): 1x /O4

a. (UB–OWS-00448-01) Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, FORSCOM is recruiting MAJ, Branch immaterial but must have past experience in planning, to support of Operation Warp Speed (OWS), in direct support of Department of Defense, and Department of Health and Human Services. The officer will be responsible for refining the vaccine distribution plans and the OWS transition plan framework . The officer will be on TDY status for 151 days. Mission starts 19OCT2020. Location: Washington D.C.

b. (UB-CJTO-00247-05) FORSCOM is recruiting a Russian Interpreter, Branch, MOS, and rank immaterial, to support Operation Freedom Sentinel. Interested Service Members must have a 30/30 skill level in Russian on the DLAP. Location: Arifjan, Kuwait.

9. ARNG/USAR POSITIONS/JOBS AVAILABLE. S1NET members have posted the following RC position/job vacancy information. For a listing of all USAR primary vacancies (updated weekly) visit Units/commands who wish to post vacancies on S1NET may do so by following the instructions posted on the front page of the Job Announcements topic at the following link. Those posts which are in the correct location and which are posted in accordance with the instructions provided will be included in a future S1NET Message Summary.


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