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Update, 9 September 2019

1. Team – we’ve just published ADP 4.0 Sustainment and FM 4.0 Sustainment Operations (attached at the following link on S1NET).

2. ADP and FM 4.0 outline and describe a significantly different battlefield and doctrine than previous – it provides prescriptive information on how Sustainment will operate on the battlefield from the organizations in the Strategic Support Area (CONUS / intra-theater) to the tactical edge. We will be contested by our enemies across this entire spectrum.

3. The document has specific examples of the scope and scale of Large Scale Combat Operations (LSCO), the requirements, challenges, and planning factors to support LSCO.  It diverts drastically from Counter-Insurgency / BCT-centric operations.  FM 4.0 is aligned with FM 3.0 (Operations) re-emphasizing the Division and Corps headquarters as warfighting organizations required for a potential peer conflict.

4. This is your Sustainment capstone doctrinal manual.  Successful sustainment operations start with reading and understanding doctrine – using the correct terms, and driving doctrine into reality.  It is the foundation and basis for your training and leader development.  Your Soldiers, NCOs, Warrant Officers and Officers will arrive at your units having been trained and educated using both FM 3.0 and FM 4.0 here at the institution (SCoE).  You can expect warfighter exercises and CTCs to continue adding rigor, complexity, and tempo required by large scale combat and Multi-Domain Operations (MDO).

5. These publications are also available on the APD website at the following links.

a. ADP 4.0, Sustainment:

b. FM 4.0, Sustainment Operations:

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