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AGCRA Membership has a new home!

After extensive work, we are proud to announce the new Members site at Whether you are ready to join for the first time, update your profile, renew your membership, or reactivate a lapsed membership, visit the AGCRA Members site to handle that.

The AGCRA Members site also provides members access to their chapter rosters, allowing members to better connect to their peers and grow their networks. Do you know someone who deserves a membership and you want to get them started with a gift membership? You can do that, too.

More is coming as plans to grow the Members’ platform are in the works, from a better awards process to ticket purchases for AGCRA events, both National and at the Chapter level. Your existing membership has already been transferred and will be linked to your new registration on the first login. (Make sure to use the same email address when registering as you have on record here to make this automatic.)

Should you experience any issues with the new system, or if you have suggestions for what you’d like to see next, or even if you just want to drop a few kudos because you like what you see, email us at so we can hear from you.

Note on Access from Army Locations

The Army’s firewalls do not currently allow access to the membership site. Perhaps that will change in time. If you are unable to access the site from an Army or other governmental site, please use a personal device instead.

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1. Why AGCRA? When the Army transitioned to a Brigade-centric force back in 2005, the Army’s HR Community became more dispersed. Gone are the old PSBs, Personnel Groups, and theater PERSCOMs. Army HR professionals are now more likely in smaller or dispersed G1 Directorates, Recruiting Brigades / Battalions, Bands, Brigade / Battalion S1 Sections, theater-level HR units, and IMCOM MPDs. The need for a professional AG / HR organization that can reach across all Army components is needed now more than ever. AGCRA continues to serve as the Army’s professional AG / HR organization, but again, we need your help.

2. The Association’s website,, is new and improved. We have 100% functionality and the website allows you to:

  • View Army HR and AGCRA news, information, and announcements.
  • See each separate AGCRA Chapter’s web page.
  • Contact AGCRA National Executive Council (NEC) members.
  • View AGCRA Awards information / criteria.
  • Shop on-line at the Sutler Store for AG Corps physical merchandise (so anything except memberships.)

New to are:

3. “1775”, the AGCRA’s Professional Journal:

  • Has been revamped to focus on Army HR professional development. AGCRA continues to solicit “1775” articles from all AG / HR personnel.
  • Each 1775 edition is also theme oriented.

4. AGCRA Chapters are critical to informing, promoting, and encouraging AG / HR programs and initiatives. We solicit your support to maintain or stand up AGCRA Chapters. We need you to seek out motivated junior leaders to lead and actively participate as local AGCRA Chapter Officers. The wide spread involvement of junior AG / HR leaders within local Chapters will preclude the notion that AGCRA is an Association for senior leaders only.

5. AGCRA initiatives include:

(a) First ever AG Corps Print by the world-renowned artist Mort Kunstler.

  • Since 2010, AG Corps Print and Giclee sales have funded the annual AGCRA Scholarship Program.
  • Corps Print and Giclee sales continue to be the sole source of providing annual scholarships to AGCRA members and their dependents.

(b) The annual AGCRA Scholarship Program.

  • Our program provides eight annual $1,000 scholarships to AGCRA members or their dependents.
  • Additionally, if the scholarship recipient maintains a B average during their first year in college, then AGCRA automatically renews the $1,000 scholarship for an additional year.

(c) AGCRA is the new host for the National AG Corps Ball held in Columbia, SC each June. AGCRA also actively supports other AG Balls around the Army through our local Chapters.

  • Through AGCRA Chapters, we execute several LTG Timothy J. Maude Memorial Golf Tournaments which supports the AGCRA Maude Fund dedicated to supporting the Maude Leadership Lecture Series and other Soldier initiatives.

6.  If you are not a member, we ask you to join – we need you!  Click here to join today.

7.  When registering, please use your personal e-mail address as DOIMs across the Army are making it more challenging to reach through e-mail addresses.