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Where in the World is COL (Ret) Bob Murphy?

Again, AGCRA has a goal of touching all corners of the Army, from South Korea, Alaska, Hawaii, the Continental U.S., Europe, the Middle East, and all the way to Afghanistan.  After seeing COL (Ret) Nick Monje and his wife Dianne in China, COL (Ret) Bob Murphy and his wife Gayl accepted the challenge to carry the AGCRA logo to another exotic place… so where in the world are they?

Answer – the Panama Canal.

COL (Ret) Bob Murphy and his wife Gayl approach the Panama Canal shortly after 6 AM going under the Bridge of the Americas, which is the span for the Pan American Highway connecting Panama to Alaska.
On the Caribbean/Atlantic end of the Panama Canal, COL (Ret) Bob and Gayl Murphy exit the last canal lock. You can see the rolling door closing. In the background is a container ship inside the first of the Atlantic locks. Note the difference in the water levels as we have been lowered to meet the Caribbean/Atlantic.
Our last look at the Canal as we pass under the Atlantic Bridge.

Editor’s Note – COL (Ret) Bob Murphy is an AG Corps Hall of Fame Inductee, Class of 2019, and a Distinguished Member of the AG Corps.  COL (Ret) Murphy culminated his 28-year military career as the Deputy Chief of Staff, G1 for the U.S. Army Information Systems Command.  During his time in uniform, he served and deployed to three separate conflicts.

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