Adjutant General's Corps Regimental Association

How to Activate an AGCRA Chapter

First and foremost, the Adjutant General’s Corps Regimental Association (AGCRA), also known as the Association, truly appreciates your enthusiasm to activate an AGCRA Chapter.

If you have a handful of AG Soldiers, Army Musicians, Recruiting & Retention personnel, Army Civilian employees, Army Retirees, or Volunteers as dedicated as you, then activating an AGCRA Chapter is more than doable.  Provided below are the links for AGCRA supporting documents to assist you with your efforts:

AGCRA Constitution

AGCRA Bylaws 

AGCRA Chapter Guidelines

Please note the following:

1.  If you plan to operate your Chapter at a military facility or on a military installation, please ensure you or your Chapter Adjutant has a good working relationship with the local military MWR Office, especially if you plan on executing any Chapter (non-profit organization) fund-raising activities.  You must be careful that you do not unintentionally compete with the PX, Commissary, or any other installation MWR entity.

2.  Each Chapter is required to have its own set of a Constitution and Bylaws, or a Chapter Addendum to the Association’s Constitution and Bylaws.  You can either use the National Association’s documents (attached) as your Chapter’s governing documents; or anything that deviates from the National Association’s documents requires the Chapter to establish its own Constitution and Bylaws and gain approval from the Association’s National Executive Council (NEC), and the local military installation MWR Office if you plan to operate the Chapter on the installation.  You’ll have 6 months to create your own Constitution and Bylaws after the Chapter has been approved for activation.

3.  Our AGCRA membership database at has a Chapter affiliation field that individual members are responsible for filling out.  Please remind your Chapter members to complete their Chapter affiliation when signing up to become an AGCRA member or when the Chapter is approved for activation.

     a.  The NEC Adjutant at will request the webmaster create a Chapter affiliation field for the new Chapter.

     b.  The NEC Adjutant will also create the new Chapter’s web page on AGCRA.comThe new Chapter and its members are highly encouraged to use the Chapter’s web page as a primary medium to collect and distribute AGCRA information and announcements.

4.  You will need to ensure that all Chapter Officers are AGCRA members.  You’d be surprised at the number of Chapter Officers who don’t realize their membership may have expired.

5.  Additionally, you will need to ensure that the charter members of the proposed new Chapter are current AGCRA members.  The minimum number of members required to start a chapter is 15 (the more, the better!).

6.  The next link is an example of what your new Chapter Petition should look like.  IMPORTANT – Please ensure that you address the long-term viability of the Chapter, which will be an important criterion for AGCRA NEC approval.  Note – too often AGCRA Chapters stand up without a long-term plan to stay active and fall into an inactive status soon after activation due to PCS moves or high OPTEMPO.

7.  The Association POC for new Chapter activations is the NEC Adjutant at